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Maximize your ACT Score!

ACT Prep Courses

  • Online, interactive
  • One-on-one, customized
  • Learner-focused
  • Classes followed by detailed Class Summaries and Homework
  • Parents always in-the-know (copied on all emails and materials)

Comprehensive ACT Prep

  • Twelve hours of interactive instruction
  • Course length: Eight weeks
  • Fee: $1195
  • Six hours of interactive instruction
  • Course length: Four weeks
  • For students who want to re-take the test to get some extra points, but do not need to take the comprehensive course
  • Fee: $595

Course Delivery

  • Online face-to-face

Content Scope

  • English: grammar errors, sentence structure, clarity
  • Math: arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry
  • Reading: comprehension and analysis
  • Science: data representation, research summaries, conflicting viewpoints 

Course Materials

After talking with the parent and/or student and gathering necessary information, Dr. Dunn will recommend specific books for each student based on test preparation needs and score goals.

Students provide:

  1. The book(s) recommended by Dr. Dunn
  2. Calculator, Notebook, Pencils
  3. High-speed Internet access with video and audio capability

Dr. Dunn provides:

  • Syllabus
  • PowerPoint Visuals
  • Learning Activities
  • Class Summaries
  • Homework Assignments
  • Log-in Access
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