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SAT Prep

The SAT is standardized. Students are not. They vary greatly in their weaknesses and strengths and score goals. Consequently they need to focus on different areas for different amounts of time. Some need to work on writing an effective essay or mastering grammar fundamentals while others know the Writing score is not important. Some need to focus on specific skills in the Critical Reading – vocabulary development, inferential reading, and analysis of long, complex passages. Some students need to focus on geometry problems while others need to work on the hard, challenging ones. Students must prepare and study hard to maximize their SAT scores but they must focus on the areas they need to improve.

Because students have different needs and goals, I do not believe that “one size fits all”. Consequently, I developed Testing for Results, an online, one-on-one SAT Prep course that is interactive, learner-focused, and time-efficient. This winning combination produces results – high SAT scores and happy students

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